Chat Screen - Jetpack Compose

Back to Android this week and JetPack Compose, creating a chat screen showing a list of expandable & animated messages containing an avatar and text, designed using Material Design principles with a dark theme.

To-Do List Application Phase 1 - iOS

I have completed Phase 1 of my iOS To-Do List application.

The application allows new items to be added to a list with a given priority. Items in the list are then sorted and displayed based on the assigned priority.

MoT UI Automation Week - UI Check Challenge

The good folks at Ministry of Testing are running a UI Automation week from Monday 22nd February.

As part of the event, there are a set of UI Automation challenges. Designed to test existing skills and develop new ones.

Testing Login UI - Android Espresso

I have added automated native Espresso tests in Kotlin to my Login Flow.

Scrollable Card List - Jetpack Compose

I have been experimenting with Android Jetpack Compose. Android’s modern toolkit for creating and building native UI. Currently in Alpha.

UIAutomatorViewer - Quickly Inspect Elements on Android

What Is UIAutomatorViewer?

UIAutomatorViewer is part of the Android SDK manager. It is a UI inspector GUI (graphical user interface) tool that allows for the easy and quick inspection of UI elements contained in an android application.

Mobile Application Testing Challenges in 2020

In 1999 it was difficult to go anywhere without seeing one of the most successful mobile handsets of all time in the hands of children and grownups alike in the UK. That device was the Nokia 3210. It is considered one of the most significant handsets Nokia ever made with sales in excess of 160 million units.

Selenium WebDriver & Ruby - Getting Started

In this article, I will show you how to get started with writing a basic Selenium WebDriver test with the Ruby programming language using a Mac.

Web Scraping with Ruby and Headless Chrome

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is an approach for extracting data and information from websites that do not have an API. Web scraping automatically extracts data and presents it in a format a user can easily make sense of.