Reflecting Album Cover Flow - Jetpack Compose

Reflecting on my album cover flow. I wanted to make the UI a bit more interesting

Album Cover Flow - Jetpack Compose

This post shows an Album Cover Flow I created using Jetpack Compose.

Hello World - Jetpack Compose

My first Android App using Jetpack Compose is well underway.

I’m going to document it in blog post series, keeping track of my progress at different stages.

LazyRow - Jetpack Compose

For this tutorial, we will be looking at another Lazy Composable and create a horizontal scrollable list inside a LazyRow

In my previous post, we explored an example of LazyColumn. In this post let’s look at LazyRow.

LazyColumn - Jetpack Compose

For this tutorial, we will be looking at creating a scrollable list inside a LazyColumn

If we wanted to display a large number of items or a list of an unknown length. Using a layout such as Column can cause performance issues, as all the items will be composed and laid out whether or not they are visible. At an app launch for example.

OutlinedTextField - Jetpack Compose

For this tutorial, we will be looking at text fields.

Text fields allow users to enter text into a UI. Text fields in Material design come in two types: Filled text fields or Outlined text fields. Outlined text fields are what we shall look at here.

To-Do List Application Phase 2 - iOS

I have completed Phase 2 of my iOS To-Do List application.

The application allows new items to be added to a list with a given priority. Items in the list are then sorted and displayed based on the assigned priority.

Run Selenium Tests in Ruby - Minitest

What is Minitest?

Minitest is a testing framework for Ruby that provides a complete suite of testing facilities. It is quick to run and supports TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking.

Spacer - Jetpack Compose

The last post from me of 2021. I have been delving deeper into Android Jetpack Compose and wanted to create some tutorial posts.

For this tutorial, we will be looking at the Spacer component.

Navigation and Lottie - Jetpack Compose

I have been experimenting with JetPack Compose and Lottie animations. Using the Jetpack Compose navigation library. I created a simple app comprising four screens that are navigated using the tab bar.